Webinar “Education – Theology – Digitisation” from 11 June 2021

The webinar from 11 June on “Education – Theology – Digitisation“ allowed only a brief glimpse into what is on our minds with the pandemic digitalisation push in adult education. But it was a good and important exchange between members of EAEE and Plusbildung Switzerland.

Below you can find the following documents:

And comments from participants:

«The webinar was well introduced by Walter and you, and a good atmosphere of confidence was immediately there. The fact that there was some “traditional“ of EAEE study tour and people from Walter network who know each other help to instal rapidly this good atmosphere. Then, the webinar didn’t seemed to long and it probably gave the wish to meet face-to-face next year as well as renew the web experience … My general impression is that the webinar with its new participants and dynamic gives hope for the future of EAEE (whatever it can be…) and a good collaboration with Walter. Thank you again to you two.»

«I liked our meeting a lot. It gave me much to think about not only for my own work but as well for the EAEE. The idea of education care and vice versa was an eye opener for me. But it was also the key to other issues that were brought in.  And also the contribution of Patrice and the other insights were good … I don’t have any remarks about things that could be done better.»

We are already looking forward to the EAEE Study Tour, which will hopefully definitely lead to Switzerland in 2022 (from 8 to 11 June)!

Walter Lüssi
President Association Plusbildung Switzerland

Corso di formazione culturale dell’absi

Il corso di formazione culturale dell’Associazione Biblica della Svizzera Italiana absi

Fonti, storia e attualità della Bibbia dall’antichità al mondo contemporaneo

non è un corso per esperti e “addetti ai lavori”. Esso è stato pensato per chiunque sia interessato ad un approccio scientificamente serio e culturalmente stimolante ai contenuti proposti, si tratti di docenti di ogni ordine e grado scolastico, di operatrici/operatori culturali e sociali, ma anche di persone senza ruoli professionali formativi e/o educativi specifici.

Il corso di alta formazione, proposto in modalità online, è strutturato in due anni (2021 – 2023). Ci sono tre moduli sia nel primo che nel secondo anno. L’inizio è il 4 settembre 2021.

Ulteriori informazioni sull’Associazione Biblica della Svizzera Italiana absi e il corso.

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